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I've got an old PowerBook G4. I've installed Mac OS X Leopard on it. Now, i want to buy a PCMCIA wifi card for surfing internet. But I can't understand, which cards are compatible and which not. Information in internet is very old, and I found information only about OS X 10.4. Also, I've read, that all cards,based on broadcom chipset are compatible. For example, does Linksys WPC54G works with my computer?

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There is a list of such cards on Low End Mac up to 10.4

But I believe better way would be just to go to ebay for native Airport Extreme if your particular model is aluminum one.

If it is Titanium then CardBus is the way to go since original Airport 802.11b cards are rare, pricier and don't support WPA2.

P.S. And I wouldn't recommend 10.5 on Titanium Powerbook

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