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We are trying to set up multiple user accounts on a Mac and wish to have all the users' desktop wallpaper to be single colored (such as aqua blue). It can be done manually but I would like to know if there is a way or script out there so that when a new user is created in "Users & Groups," the default wall paper in that account will be automatically set to a single color.

Thank you.

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The only way I know how is to modify the System's "User Template". Here's the steps I used to test on Lion.

  1. Use a current account to specify the desktop wallpaper you want. (If you use "Solid Colors" there's a button in the lower right to pick a custom color.
  2. Copy the current account's file to the user template:

    sudo cp ~/Library/Preferences/ /System/Library/User\ Template/Non_localized/Library/Preferences/
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This solution works great. Thanks. – soca Feb 9 '12 at 5:30

Mac OS X Lion Server has a profile manager that can assist in pushing settings to both new and existing users. Similarly, you can edit whatever localized versions of the default user template as they are stored in /System/Library/User Template. This might be simpler if you prefer to make changes on the machines directly and not bother with setting up a server.

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