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I just got a spanking new Apple Thunderbolt Display to work with my Macbook Air and I'm loving it. The one thing I'm missing from my iMac is the 4 USB ports at the back (the Thunderbolt display only has 3). I realize I can use the 2 USB ports on the MBA but it's just not very convenient (plus I don't like the idea of a laptop being bogged down by earthly constraints such as a dangling phone charger cable).

I'm looking for a USB hub with the following features:

  • good-looking (admittedly subjective)

  • can hide behind the display that I'd use to plug in the immobile equipment such as scanner, wireless dongles, etc.

  • Ideally, no AC power needed (but I get the feeling I won't be able to be too picky on this one).

Is there hardware out there that meets these requirements? If your answer includes a link please link to manufacturers' sites, not to sales sites, which change more frequently.

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While "shopping questions" are off-topic at Stack Exchange sites, questions asking about what hardware can perform a desired function are very much on-topic. This post seems to fall into the latter category. See for more details. – Daniel Mar 9 '12 at 20:32

There's always the various Mac mini stackable USB hubs - those usually look pretty nice.

If you can't find a hub you like the looks of, you could always hide it:

  • A shelf that goes on the monitor stand to hide items behind the monitor
  • Or you could just tape (or velcro, thanks to @jaberg) the hub to the back of the monitor to keep it out of sight.
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Velcro, or even better the hard plastic Velcro-like material, is great for sticking things behind monitors. I use it for the digital converter boxes on wall-mounted TVs and plan to do so for a future TV/AppleTV installation. – jaberg Mar 9 '12 at 21:11

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