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I'm testing an app that uses the System temp Directory. Inside of the app, there is some call to a Cocoa function to query this. Is there a way for me to query for this directory name outside of having to write a Cocoa app of my own? Possibly a command that I can issue in Terminal?

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Just type this command into Terminal. With zero arguments it'll print the names and values of variables in the environment.

Alternative with a bit more typing:

echo $TMPDIR
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Thanks. What a weird path - /var/folders/iz/izqn2b5MF-iz9oL0CURH1U+++TI/-Tmp-/ –  bpapa Nov 13 '10 at 20:32

OS X has Python pre-installed, though not necessarily a fresh Python; but this is not cutting-edge stuff.


Open a terminal

cat > hack.py
import tempfile
print tempfile.gettempdir()
python hack.py

Credit to nosklo

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