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I know about the other third-party options out there, this is more to do with the native stuff that comes bundled from Apple. For years Snow Leopard has had notoriously bad NTFS read-write support hence it was disabled by default. We could enable it like this, but it was dangerous at best. So, has this improved in Lion, or is this still a neglected dangerous feature?

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I haven't seen any credible reports that NTFS write support has improved with Lion. It was in Snow Leopard and still is disabled natively.

As, it's not supported by Apple, getting a good third party plug in to enable that feature is as mandatory with Lion as it was with Snow Leopard.

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You can still just remount it as rw unless its dirty flag is set (it is if it wasn't unmounted properly last time). I never had problems, in my opinion you don't have to spend money on a third party plugin. – Max Ried Feb 6 '12 at 16:56

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