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I want to dive into Mac OS X, but don't know any good sources to learn from.

I found this book: Mac OS X Internals, but it's a bit old, and from the recessions it discusses the PowerPC, and not the Intel versions of Mac OS X.

Where can I find good books or websites?

And I don't mean the Apple Developer Forum, I want to know everything about from the kernel up to the Mac OS.

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Unless you've already found it, how about something like The Mac Hackers Handbook? It seems to have been published in 2009 and references Leopard in the description, so may also be a little out of date, but from the reviews seems to have a reasonable amount of information about security and OS X internals. May be a bit left field for what you want though...?

Or for something newer (due to be publishe June 2012) how about Mac OS X and iOS Internals?

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