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I'm wondering how you can view the size of each photo or video in the Photos app on an iPhone 4S. I have a lot of photos/videos and want to see how much space they are using. I go to Settings > General > Usage but don't see the Photos app listed under Storage. Thoughts?

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One way I know of, which would be tedious to use for all of your photos unfortunately, is to email a photo from the camera roll. When you hit Send on the email, you're offered choices of sending a compressed photo (Small, Medium, or Large), or the original size. Each of the choices lists what the resulting image file size would be, and this includes the original size.

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There is no convenient built-in solution but LightLoupe from Boinx Software will let you browse a "thumbnail page" for your Saved Photos, or any Album in your Photo Library, and provide image (W x H in pixels) and file (bytes) size for any photo selected. You can also view a histogram and other data.

I'm certain there are other Photo Utility apps with similar functions.

Less than ideal but less labor intensive than the faux email export technique.

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LightLoupe doesn't seem to be available for iPhone? – Bryan Roth Feb 3 '12 at 22:37
My mistake. It is an iPad only solution. – jaberg Feb 3 '12 at 23:40

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