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I am a new Mac user with an early 2008 MacBook, and I have a fresh installation of SnowLeopard 10.6. When I use CMD + TAB I can switch between running applications. But when I switch / choose between another app with this command all that appears is the menu bar of the app, current window stays the same. e.g. I am in Firefox, switching to Finder the top menu bar changes to Finder but Firefox window stays in front. Thanks for the help!

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  1. I found an article on that suggests restarting the Dock. To do this, launch /Applications/Utilities/Activity, select the Dock process, and press the Quit Process toolbar button.

  2. If #1 doesn't help, the article states that you should try deleting this file: ~/Library/Preferences/ and restarting your computer.

  3. A comment on indicates that removing login items sometimes corrects the problem. To check your login items, open System Preferences, go to Users, select your account, then select the Login Items tab.

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Hey bneely Ive deleted the and now it works like a charme! Great Tip thanks! – DannyRe Feb 3 '12 at 12:58

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