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I'm currently using Late 2008 MacBook (Aluminum). My battery cycle is currently 111 and has went for replacement of battery 6 months ago + warrenty is ending soon. Hence I want to let the battery last as long as possible.

The common question are whether to charge my MacBook when using. But can I charge it for few more hours after it is fully charged? And also charge whenever I found a power source? So that the battery cycle will not increase tremulously.

What are the proper steps to charge MacBook batteries for long lasting life?

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Please see this post Kim:… – user10355 Feb 2 '12 at 9:55
My general rule of thumb is to run the device (whatever it is) to flat at least once a month, and charge it to full at least once a month. Other than that, don't bother charging until it's below 20%, and don't stop charging until over 80%, but no need to go to 100 every time. Basically whilever it's between 20% and 80%, just use it. I try not to drip charge it, 5% here and there where possible, once it's gone on charge I try to keep it there until it's at least 80%.Once I start using battery I try to keep using on battery until it's below 20%.Too many other variables to provide as an answer – stuffe Feb 2 '12 at 11:15
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The battery cycle is exactly what it says, a cycle. This means that it will count charge and discharge cycles as a whole.

An couple of apple genius guys I talk to recommend at least 2 charge cycles per month, and trying not to leave it plugged in at all times will keep it relatively healthy.

You don't need to completely drain a battery before you charge it either, but the more complete the cycles are, the better accuracy will be on the battery meter.

It's a hotly debated subject, but apple do have information on their website.

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