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Anyone know where I can find documentation on the various properties available for directory services on the Mac?

man dscl only tells me that I can -create or -read a record. It doesn't tell me how to create them; what properties are available and the options can be set on each. I know a few (RealName, UniqueID, PrimaryGroupID, UserShell) but where can I find documentation on all of them?

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There is a document from Apple called "Mac OS X Server Open Directory Administration For Version 10.4 or Later".

Read Appendix "Mac OS X Directory Data", it contains all what you ask about:

  • "Standard Attributes in Group Records" at page 222
  • "Standard Attributes in User Records" at page 217

Here is excerpt from the last one:

open directory attributes

You can get this document here.

There are a lot of newer documents on Apple site (haven't seen them yet). They may be useful to.

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