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Friends, I've by mistake inserted minidisc in MacBookPro and it seems like it is stuck.

What we've already tried:

  • shaking device, hoping the gravity will solve the problem
  • ejecting programmatically.

I do realize that problem sound quite stupid, but if one have encountered this problem it would be nice to hear his story of salvation.

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Do you mean a downsized version of a CD or a plastic cased Mini Disk? As I'm not sure an actual Mini Disc would even fit. Otherwise try these suggestions – Graeme Hutchison Jan 31 '12 at 11:29
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Ah, the downfall of slot drives - getting a disc stuck in it when it dies :(

As per the comment to your question, I presume that this is a smaller CD, not an actual minidisc that is more akin to a floppy disk in a plastic case?

Oddly, some slot loading mechanisms can support these smaller discs. For example the Nintendo Wii is a vertical slot loader that will accept Gamecube discs that are smaller than regular CDs/DVDs.

Obviously the Macbook won't tho. I would recommend the use of a pair of slim "shims" that you can use to make a pair of tweezers with. They would need to be both slim, but strong enough to get a grip with. You may need to cover the ends if you don't want to risk scratching the disc.

Alternatively, a piece of double sided sticky tape on the end of a plastic ruler may help. Just insert an inch (don't go to far, don't want to touch the laser with sticky stuff), and wobble it up and down a bit, see if you can get contact with the edge of the disc, the slowly pull it out. If this is tricky, try it with the drive/laptop upside down.

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A pair of lockpicks also does the trick :] – Nils Munch Jan 31 '12 at 14:08
My son once inserted a SD card inside my wife's Macbook disc slot. I tried a lot of things, and eventually managed to take it out by facing the slot down and reaching the card with a small screwdriver. Took a lot of patience :) – Rodrigo Sieiro Jan 31 '12 at 16:50

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