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As you probably already know, Shazam is a music identification service. However, it is only available on mobile platforms. Is there an alternative to Shazam, but for OS X?

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An alternative is Tunatic. It has a handy little window with a sound visualizer:

Identifying song...
Once it identifies the song, it displays the name and artist: Tunatic found song
And takes you to a link where you can download it from iTunes or buy the ringtone version: Tunatic link

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Shame is it so fugly. Did you ever find anything else? – codecowboy Apr 28 '15 at 15:22
@codecowboy sadly, no…that's all I've found, even now – daviesgeek Apr 30 '15 at 4:49
hmmm... is there an opportunity here? – codecowboy Apr 30 '15 at 8:41

Since your question stem from the fact that Shazam was only available on mobile platforms, today would be best to answer with this link and the news that Shazam has a desktop version for Mac OSX as well.

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something like may work, but these are generally not too popular on an actual computer since your usually stationary and know the music being played (usually from your computer) so there is no need to know it, but if your on the laptop or playing a radio in the back round i can see the need. As far as the linked software i cannot speak for it as i have never tried it myself.

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