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I want to use an HP DesignJet 4000 (Not the PS version). I don't find the way to print on that device because it prints the actual postcript code instead of the image or text itself. Is there a way to send "raw" or bitmap file to the printer ?

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It sounds like you're not using the correct printer driver -- what distinguishes the "non-PS" version of the 4000 from the PS version? If there is a distinct non-PS version, there's probably a different printer driver for it as well... if not from HP, then perhaps via the open source Gutenprint project. –  scottishwildcat Jan 27 '12 at 12:05

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There is not a supported driver from HP, only for the PostScript model.

I have had the same issue in the past with a non-PS LaserJet 5, and I now use the 'Generic PCL driver' for mine.

The Gutenprint drivers currently do not have a version for your printer, although you may find some success using a similar model with a driver.

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