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I am struggling to find a way to allow users to connect to two different shares on a server at the same time. It seems like it should be possible, but no matter what I try I am always forced to disconnect one user to connect as another.

I have tried using aliases like this:


The first one connected works, and the second one ignores the name/password when connecting and just offers to connect as the first user again.

Is there a user friendly way to make this work?

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You can always cheat and use a different protocol for the second connection. OS X works with SMB.

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I'm not entirely sure it would work, but try this, from Terminal:

mkdir /Volumes/foo /Volumes/bar
mount -t afp afp://foo:foopass@ServerName._afpovertcp._tcp.local /Volumes/foo
mount -t afp afp://bar:barpass@ServerName._afpovertcp._tcp.local /Volumes/bar
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