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I am using a gmail account in Mail (via IMAP) on Lion, and it works well. My dad just set up a gmail account and he is on SnowLeopard. Does a gmail account work correctly in Mail (also via IMAP) on SnowLeopard? If not, what are the issues?

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I'm assuming you are configuring Gmail for IMAP and not POP. Google has posted extensive instructions on optimizing Gmail with Apple Mail. You should check them out.

Apple Mail 4 with Gmail

Gmail Recommended Client Settings for IMAP

There is also this excellent article from MacWorld, March 14, 2011: How to make Gmail work well with [Apple] Mail.

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Yes, IMAP is the intention. Thanks for specifying (I'll update the question), and thanks for the instructions! – bneely Jan 26 '12 at 2:19

It works just as well as in Lion.

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