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I have some podcasts that I've put in a playlist, the playlist is supposed to sync with my iPhone - however when I try to sync with my iPhone, the podcasts doesn't sync.

I suppose this has something to do with my Podcast syncing options, options that are working well for me, so I don't want to change them.

Is there a way to tell iTunes that a podcast is no longer a podcast, but merely an audio file? I've tried to change the genre to no luck.

Any ideas? :)

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I went into the podcasts tab at the top and had to select 'sync podcasts automatically' before mine would start working. Hope this works for others too!

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I had the same problem recently.

I fixed it by deselecting the problem podcasts, syncing, then selecting them again. After this, the podcasts transferred correctly to the iPhone, and have synced happily since then.

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