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I have a master table of contents that works like a charm, and each section is broken out appropriately with page breaks v sections.

For each section, I would like to have another table of contents for only that section. Is that possible? I'm in Pages '09.

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This feature isn't supported by Pages '09. If you want to do this you'll have to switch word processing programs or manually create your Master Table of Contents.

Each table of contents (TOC) you create using a Word Processing template lists only the content that follows it, up until the next table of contents. If you want a master table of contents for the entire document, it must be the only table of contents, and it must be at the beginning of the document.

Source: Apple's Pages '09 User Guide (page 64). The same information can be found using Pages > Help and searching for Creating and Updating a Table of Contents

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Oh well, that's a shame. – Chords Jan 25 '12 at 15:20

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