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I have an image of Boot Camp with Windows 7, which was created by Carbon Copy Cleaner. I didn't realize that the image wasn't bootable until I had already deleted the partition.

I'd like to restore the partition with the image, and make it bootable, so that I can return back to where I was before deleting the partition. Is this at all possible to do?

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Why don't you make a new Bootcamp partition, download CCC for windows and let it do its job?

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There is no CCC for Windows. If you mean CCC for Mac, then it doesn't restore entire Boot Camp partitions because it won't be bootable; it is only able to restore individual files for a Boot Camp partition. It IS capable of making a bootable Mac partition, though, but that's obviously not what I'm looking for. – Gary Jan 24 '12 at 17:23

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