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I am looking for an adapter to connect my Apple display to a Sony notebook via VGA, so I need the reverse of this one:

Image of Apple mini DisplayPort-to-VGA connector.

Does such a product exist?

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You will need a VGA to DVI scaler ($330 in mentioned link) + DVI to MDP adapter like this one ($70). And after that no guarantee that it will work all together.

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VGA is an analog signal and your Cinema requires digital so you need more than a simple cable. You need an appropriate interface box, called a VGA to DVI Scaler, such as the Gefen VGA to DVI Scaler Plus. (Shown for reference only—this is not a recommendation.)

You will also need the appropriate adaptor to use the DVI signal with your monitor.

Please note that I don't have experience with these products and can't guarantee results—particularly if your Display is the thunderbolt-equipped model. Contact the vendors to assure yourself that it will work.

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