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I want to get the adaptor to stream videos from my macbook to my TV.

I already have the Apple adaptor from DVI to VGA:

I know need an adaptor from VGA to RCA.. I guess this one:

But the guy at the store, told me that it is not that easy. If the TV is old (and it is), I need a video converter... (around 50 euros)

is that true ? thanks

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The Apple adaptor you linked to is Mini DisplayPort to VGA, not DVI to VGA -- which one does your MacBook actually have? (It might also be Mini-DVI or Micro-DVI.) – Gordon Davisson Nov 8 '10 at 16:48
@Gordon Davisson Mini-DVI sorry – Patrick Nov 8 '10 at 18:31
In that case, see my comment on Martin's answer. I should mention that the VGA-RCA adapter cable you linked to will NOT work at all -- it has the right connectors, but puts completely TV-incompatible signals on them. – Gordon Davisson Nov 8 '10 at 19:50
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You might need a converter, but I don’t think so. Bear in mind that all those conversions will degrade the image a lot.

Does your TV have S-VGA? in that case you could use this adapter from Apple. Better than RCA anyway.

edit updated with the right adapter. As already noted, please remember that this doesn’t carry audio.

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Since Patrick clarified that he has Mini-DVI output, this is the appropriate adapter. Also, note that this doesn't carry audio, you need a separate cable for that. – Gordon Davisson Nov 8 '10 at 19:48

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