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I can shot tethered to my MBP (using LR3) but then how do I get them to the iPad wirelessly or better yet bypass the MBP altogether? I know they have a wifi card for SD cameras but my dslr only uses CF cards.

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You might be better of asking this question on – Graeme Hutchison Feb 21 '12 at 7:56

You have a variety of choices!

Without using the MBP:

  1. A iPad card reader such as (not supported by Apple) for CF cards.
  2. If your DSLR has a USB port, get the Apple Camera Connection Kit and plug in your camera via USB.

    This may not work, depending on your camera. It needs to support either Mass Storage Device or Picture Transfer Protocol. The older your camera, the less likely it is to support these transfer options. I recommend trying a connection kit belonging to a friend or a friendly shop first.

  3. Get an SD-CF adaptor for your camera, a SD card, and the Camera Connection Kit.
  4. Get an SD-CF adaptor for your camera, a Eye-Fi brand WiFi SD card, and their free iPad app.

Using the MBP:

  1. Get an SD-CF adaptor for your camera, a WiFi SD card, the latest iPhoto and sync via iCloud.
  2. Tether your camera to your MBP, and use the latest iPhoto to sync via iCloud.
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There are compact flash card readers for the iPad that plug into the dock connector

Just Google iPad cf card reader for them

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I use an app called Portfolio which comes with Portfolio Loader for Mac.

The Mac app is used to select folders of images The iPad app acts as a photo library.

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