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I'm looking for a MAMP packaging = Apache + MySQL + PHP bundled together for Mac OS X (which is my OS). Where can I find it? Is there an "official" site where I can download it from?

[ I know that there are Apache and PHP shipped with Mac OS X, but I don't want to use them, because it seems that if I do it, and later upgrade them, I may have trouble in the case Apple provides a system update which reverts or conflicts with my "manual" upgrade. Can you confirm that? Here is the link: 1]

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You could have a look at MAMP (there's a free and commercial version)

MAMP is installed in the typical Mac fashion: very easily. MAMP will not compromise any existing Apache installation already running with your OS X. You can install Apache, PHP and MySQL without starting a script or having to change any configuration files!

Philosophy: MAMP was created primarily as a PHP development environment for Macintosh computer and should therefore not be used as Live Webserver for the Internet. In this case, we recommend that you use Mac OS X server with the provided Apache or a Linux server.

MAMP screenshot

Included programs & libraries

  • Apache 2.0.63
  • MySQL 5.1.44
  • PHP 5.2.13 & 5.3.2
  • APC 3.1.3
  • eAccelerator 0.9.6
  • XCache 1.2.2 & 1.3.0
  • phpMyAdmin 3.2.5
  • Zend Optimizer 3.3.9
  • SQLiteManager 1.2.4
  • Freetype 2.3.9
  • t1lib 5.1.2
  • curl 7.20.0
  • jpeg 8
  • libpng-1.2.42
  • gd 2.0.34
  • libxml 2.7.6
  • libxslt 1.1.26
  • gettext 0.17
  • libidn 1.15
  • iconv 1.13
  • mcrypt 2.6.8
  • YAZ 4.0.1 & PHP/YAZ 1.0.14
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this is really only for development and testing purposes only, the site states not recommended for production use – Stu Wilson Jan 19 '12 at 6:33
Yes, true. Forgot to mention that - added a paragraph to my answer. – iolsmit Jan 19 '12 at 11:44

There are a few, but my favourite is Zend's own, fully integrated hassle free controller

Zend Server Community Edition

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It says "not for production use". :/ Any others? – ignis Jan 18 '12 at 23:35
From the zend website. "Zend Server Community Edition is a fast and reliable PHP application stack. It is completely free, and you can use it in development, testing and production. Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and IBM i are supported." – Stu Wilson Jan 19 '12 at 6:03

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