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With iOS 5 and iCloud i was hoping that games would get synced across devices. If I'm playing a game on my iPad and then later pick up the same game on my iPhone, then i would like to be able to start right where i left off on my other device. Are there any games that currently do this? Or is this even currently possible?

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Pocket Planes does this very well, and Doodle Jump does, but that's mostly for scores and settings, not the game itself.

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Starbase Orion was one of the first ones out that synced all local games through iCloud. There are of course many, many others, so the answer is Yes - this exist by design and developers can make use of it as long as their data fits within the storage requirements of iCloud.

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Scribblenaughts Remix does this, I have played on iPad where I left off on iPhone

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