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I'm importing some miniDV tapes shot on a Canon GL2 in 2009. At the moment, I'm letting FCPX run through the tapes to create a "tape archive" so I can easily import things in my events later.

The issue I'm having is that FCPX is importing all the clips with the wrong date. Specifically, it repeatedly applies the correct timestamp but the date is set to a day earlier. When I look at the timestamp on the camera, the correct date shows up but in FCPX (whether imported direct from camera or from tape archive), the timestamp is a day earlier. This is incorrectly frustrating when working with over 100 hours of documentary footage and trying to understand where certain clips fit within the timeline of the story.

The problem exists primarily with footage shot on a Canon GL2. Importing a tape w/ footage shot on a Sony Z1U results in a correct date. I still think this is an issue with FCPX however and not the camera/footage since the GL2 tapes have a correct date when viewed on the camera screen and when imported using iMovie.

I'm pretty good at troubleshooting, but I'm at a loss here. Any suggestions?

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