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How can I adjust the level at which Mac OS warns me about the battery of my magic mouse?
I always have a lack of batteries, so I would prefer if the battery warning comes up at 15 or 20%, so I could work the rest of the day with the almost empty batteries and put them in the charger before I go to sleep.

Right now, if the warning occurs in the morning I have a problem.
I tried to steal the batteries out of my girlfriends camera or her wireless keyboard, but she does karate and defends her batteries.
Buying another set is not an option.

A way to get the battery level via applescript, shellscript, automator, whatever would be applicable too.

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This thread has some scripts that can help you.

It seems that you wrap the results of this shell snippet in a nice AppleScript:

ioreg -c BNBMouseDevice | grep BatteryPercent
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