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I've noticed an unusual feeling associated with Mac OS X's two fingering scrolling. Any chance this might indicate a repetitive stress injury in the making? I've been trying to rotate the fingers I use for scrolling somewhat, but not terribly successfully. Anyone else found solutions to this potential issue? (related)

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Is this with a trackpad on a laptop or magic mouse? I've noticed when I use my laptop a lot for work/websurfing, my wrist can feel "unusual." This is, however, probably due to the ergonomics of how I'm lazying on the couch with the machine. While using my magic mouse at my desk at work, I don't feel "unusual." –  cm2 Jan 13 '12 at 5:33
Impossible to answer. Define "unusual" feeling. Any motion can prove hazard, provided it is repeated frequently or the motion itself proves to put undue strain on a muscle, tendon, joint, or other bodily thing. If you finger scroll eight hours a day, then it might be cause for concern. If you finger scroll for a few hours spread out over the course of the day, unlikely. It may also be your posture and not the device. RSIs are serious and ultimately it boils down to if you feel uncomfortable doing it, stop. But from what I know about RSIs, they do require a lot prolonged repetition. –  cksum Jan 13 '12 at 6:33
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Out of all the Mac users I've ever heard of/seen, none of them have ever said anything like this. I swift touch of a trackpad of mouse certainly doesn't seem to be any sort of damaging movements. If you end up having problems with it more you could ask a more 'medical' associated person. I've personally never heard anything like it, but muscle pains can be worsened from certain movements causing stress. Good luck!

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It hasn't reached the "it hurts when I do this" "well don't to that" phase yet, just a vague concern. I'm trying to very usage though. –  Jeff Burdges Jan 13 '12 at 3:49
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I have been experiencing a strong inflammation on the middle finger articulation, which I think it might be caused by the macbook mouse and repetitive movements of scrolling and clicking. I have a ultrasound tomorrow. My doctor doesn't think this is from the mouse, but probably she doesn't know this type of mouse.

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