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How do I create a future event in a different time zone than I'm currently on?

For example, I reside in Toronto (UTC-5) and I am going to Hong Kong (UTC+8). When I'm still in Toronto, I want to be able to create an event (in Hong Kong time) so that when I arrive in Hong Kong, the event appears correctly in the local time.

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Time zone support also works on the iCal app on the mac and on the iPhone. Preferences in iCal and Settings/Mail,Contacts,Calendars on the iPhone. These can then be synced to iCloud.

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I am assuming that you are using the website for this. Go to iCloud, and open the Calendar app. Click on the gear at the top-left, then click preferences. Go to the advanced tab, and check "Enable time zone support". Now, when you edit an event, you can select the time zone in the event information.

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