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After working fine for months, my wifi Time Capsule backups fail, returning a "back-up disk not available" message. Time Capsule light is green, Airport Utility reveals no problems. What do I do? Thanks.

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I see this every few months and all other features of the device seem to work fine when it happens. The short answer is a restart has always fixed it for me, either from the Airport Utility or if you must by cycling the power.

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Are you connected to the 5ghz wifi or the normal wifi ?

I had the exact same problem you describe, Airport Utility showed nothing wrong, green lights across the board, but when trying to do a Time Machine backup, it wouldn't be able to find the disk.

Additionally, I was also unable to access the Time Capsule's disk through Finder. It shows up alright, but I could not connect.

Manually switching wifi network to the non-5ghz one solved both the backup and Finder problems.

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Try changing the TC disk name. Worked for me.

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