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I have a MBP running OSX lion. I work in an academic environment where every thing is windows based. The campus runs an ISA server for security and all the services (mail, msn messenger, java ) are available on each windows client one they have entered the proxy server in the settings and installed an ISA client.

I am the only person in the entire campus who has a MBP. I have updated the settings provided (proxy and port numbers) in my system preferences and in Fire Fox preferences.

  1. I Can browse the web using fire fox and safari.
  2. Skype can login with out any configuration changes.

  3. BUT apple mail does not connect to Gmail and Hotmail and does not retrieve the mail. I have little snitch installed and i can see that no connection requests are generated by mail.

  4. Yahoo messenger does not connect with any of the network options.

  5. I can not rum web based java applications from I get an error that i am behind a firewall. The prot it mentions is 443, which i have confirmed is open on the ISA server.

I have followed few tutorials on how to use MBP behind an ISA server but none of the solutions i found works.

Would you be kind enough to share/suggest the solution.

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