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I this problem at the moment where when I check my email, it downloads an email and I see it at the top of the list (it's from SongKick). I just see the subject and sender, not the body. After about two seconds the email disappears. Then when I refresh the email it downloads again and the process repeats.

I first noticed this because the first time it happened, a notification was displayed (I've set emails to show in notification center), but immediately disappeared.

Has anyone seen anything like this? This is on gmail setup using the default gmail setup (not exchange).

Now it's happening to two emails.

Edit: Restarting the phone fixed it, but still like to know if anyone knows why this would happen.

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I get the same thing occasionally, where an e-mail downloads and disappears. Refreshing always seems to download it again though, I haven't needed to restart my phone. Same default gmail setup here, iPhone 4 with iOS 5, but the issue occurred on earlier iOS versions as well. – Lizzan Jan 10 '12 at 14:44

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