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is there anywhere a script or a workaround, or even just a .plist file, where i can manage to open a new finder window by clicking on the finder icon in the dock?

When a Finder window is already open, a click on the Finder icon just shows me the opened window, but doesn't open a new one.

Can anyone help?

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This behaviour happens beacuse the dock just launches an app. Finder is classified as an app, so it will open/show the app window, you will need to open a new window within the app.

You can use the keyboard short cut CMD + N, and if you are not in the app press CMD + Tab to open it first.

You could possibly try using Quicksilver, which makes custom keystrokes, so you could assign O to opening a new finder window

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You can do this using Hyperdock.

I do this for most of my software (Finder, Terminal, Chrome, etc...). Clicking on the application icon sends the application a Command + N.

It's non-free though.

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