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I'm new in iOS and Mac programming and I want to learn from open source projects.

Where can I download source code for iOS App and Mac?

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Learn about and use GitHub.

Search it for iOS & Objective-C projects. You can even contribute to such projects if and when you're ready.

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Some example applications that have iOS ports and are open source:

For OS X, it is even simpler. Many, many examples there. Since macaco rightly said to learn github and git, you can take for example a look at gitx, a Mac OS X git frontend.

And here is a git tutorial, to get all those sources. If you have XCode 4 installed, you should already have git. Then you can dive into the tutorial, how to create, clone and maintain a repository.

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While this is more of a reference for the actual applications themselves, how about Open Source Mac? My wife and I constantly refer to this site for free applications. It's categorized pretty well too!

By looking at that list you are probably looking at the most used open source apps, and finding the related source code to them shouldn't be too hard.

I would also suggest using OhLoh to gauge the amount of development activity on a given open source project. (If a project isn't listed there, you can add it).

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Look up MacPorts at http://www.macports.org. You can download a .dmg file that will install the "port" command. This requires the Terminal app in the /Applications/Utilities folder.

Many GNU and other open source projects are available, and searchable, using the port command. You will need to install the Developer tools from Apple first, through the Mac App store.

The source for these projects is downloaded as part of the build cycle. You can look at the source by navigating to /opt/local/var/macports/distfiles.

See the User Guide at http://guide.macports.org.

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