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I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro from 10.6.8 to 10.7 (and now 7.1 & 7.2).

Ever since the switch to Lion my Mac has a kernel panic at shutdown and I get the "You need to restart your computer" error message.

I've reset the PRAM and SMC but that made no difference. Booting in safe mode didn't help either. I also unplugged everything from the Mac (monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc.) but it still kernel panics.

Here are a couple logs with peripherals attached and without.

How can I prevent this shut down kernel panic?

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Both panic logs indicate the panic happened in the org.openafs.filesystems.afs extension, so that's the logical suspect. The OpenAFS page for Mac OS X seems to indicate that version 1.6.0 is current, and lists separate installs for different versions of OS X. Your panic logs indicate you have 1.6.0fc7, which is presumably a final candidate, not the actual release. I'd disable the extension first, then try installing the current Lion version.

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According to your Logs you have VMWare Fusion 3.1.3 installed - there are some people having Troubles with that Version (and Lion), even though it occurs while updating (see here) to that version. I would recommend the following steps

  1. I would try deinstalling VMWare 3.1.3 or Upgrading to the current Version 4.1.
  2. According to the Apple Support Pages for resolving Kernel Panic Errors for 10.7 you have taken the necessary first steps, but did you try the Hardware Test as well (mentioned here)?

There are further Informations to resolve Kernel Panic Issues at 'The XLabs' (helpful, even though only up to 10.6).

Please tell about the results.

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