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In Lion, the menubar drops down way to fast when I'm in a fullscreen app. This mostly becomes a problem when I have multiple tabs open in Terminal. When I move to the top to change tabs, the menubar drops down and I click it on accident. So is there any way to add a delay to the menubar dropping down? Or maybe change the drop down hotspot to one of the corners instead of just the top edge?

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I don't believe this is possible in Lion.

For your specific problem, I'd just use the keyboard shortcuts to move to a new tab; it's much faster anyway.

To move to the next tab, command-shift-}. To move to the previous tab, command-shift-{.

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Yeah keyboard shortcuts help with that specific problem but there are other times the menu bar is bothersome. I'll give you a vote up for the shortcut though :) – CaldwellYSR Mar 21 '12 at 14:27

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