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In an answer to an earlier question I found out that the available columns for Finder's list view are relative to the folder path. This means that one could choose to add a Dimensions column when browsing under ~/Pictures or Artist under ~/Music or Codec under ~/Movies.

Where and how these are defined?

Is there a centralised file that links a path ~/Pictures, column Dimensions and action "get file's dimensions" together?

Or is the column and the action defined in a centralised location and then a folder's property (like "this is a folder for pictures") enables the columns?

Or are these all defined relatively under the folder path? Or something else?

I think I'm indirectly asking whether or not it is possible to customise the columns (add own) and enable them for different locations.

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Try renaming the folder to "Pictures" or moving it into a folder named "Pictures" -- that did the trick for me.

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This does not answer the question, where the association between the folder name and the columns is specified. – guwac Nov 5 '12 at 17:13

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