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I was using Tag&Rename (an MP3 tag editor) on Windows and I'm looking for a real alternative for OSX.

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Jaikoz and Music Man can do it for you.

you can also use some free apps too:

  1. MusicBrainz
  2. ID3 Editor
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The tagger

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To my knowledge there is no tagging software on OSX as polished and features complete as Tag and Rename.

Beside the ones aforementioned, I use SimpleTagger which enables you to tag from Amazon (including cover) and rename your files from tags.

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Tag & Rename works on PlayOnMac. PlayOnMac is a Windows compatibility layer (but it's not a virtual machine). It's free and you don't need a Windows license either. First, you need to download and install PlayOnMac, then buy Tag & Rename and install it from within PlayOnMac. After that, it just works like a usual app.

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I mostly use mid3v2. Some examples:

mid3v2 --artist Artist --title Title --album Album --track 1 file.mp3
for f in *.mp3;do a=${f%% - *};t=${f#* - };t=${t%.mp3};mid3v2 --artist "$a" --title "$t" "$f";done
mid3v2 -l file.mp3 # list tags
mid3v2 -l file.mp3|sed -n s/^TPE1=//p # artist
mid3v2 -D file.mp3 # delete all tags
for f in *.mp3;do l=$(mid3v2 -l "$f");mv "$f" "$(printf %02d $(sed -n 's,^TRCK=0*\([^/]*\).*,\1,p'<<<"$l")) $(sed -n 's,^TIT2=,,p'<<<"$l"|tr '/:?<>\\*|"^' _).mp3";done
mid3v2 --delete-frames $(mid3v2 -l *|LC_ALL=C sed -n 's,^\([^=]*\)=.*,\1,p'|sort -u|grep -Exv 'TPE1|TIT|TALB|TRCK|TYER|TDRC'|tr \\n ,) * # keep only specified tags

You can install mid3v2 by running sudo easy_install pip;sudo pip install mutagen. id3v2 and id3tag don't support Unicode and id3tool doesn't support ID3v2.

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