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I've just plugged in another monitor into my 13 inch MBP running OS X Lion.

It works fine, except for three little annoyances:

  • Whenever I use the application switcher (or whatever it's called, I mean the thing that appears when you use command-tab), it appears only on the MBP screen. I also want it on the external screen I attached.

  • same problem with the top menu bar. It only appears on the MBP screen, but I also want to see it on the external screen.

  • and again, same problem for the dock.

Is there a way to fix these three things?

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They can't appear on both screens. You can, however, have it swap to being on the external screen when the external screen is attached, by selecting "Arrangement" and just dragging the 'little grey bar' (not sure how else to describe it) onto the external screen. This also moves the quick switcher onto the big screen.

I have exactly the same setup as you - and the same annoyances - to solve mine I elevated my screen put the MBP underneath it - then I can have my menubar and switcher on the MBP and the apps themselves on the big screen.

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thanks for the tip with the grey bar, I guess that works – houbysoft Dec 28 '11 at 2:49
"They can't appear on both screens." Damnit, Apple. Why not? – jaepage Sep 3 '15 at 17:42

Try SecondBar and Dock Spaces. I haven't gotten around to trying either yet but together they satisfy your request for the menu bar and dock though not the app switcher.

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