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Is it possible to send audio from music in iTunes, or from movies on Netflix, or video game sounds, etc., from my MacBook and receive and listen to the audio on my iPhone? I'm thinking of this working like wireless headphones, except with a really long cord. If there is a way could you let me know how the solution works, I'm interested in creating my own script/app to do this if it's not too daunting.

If its important, I'm running an old 2009 MacBook, running Snow Leopard.

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Crikey what year are you living in if a 20009 is old? That's 18,000 years in the future! ;) – Graeme Hutchison Dec 27 '11 at 9:15
I'm glad you were able to make that comment before I edited it, @GraemeHutchison :). – Jason Salaz Dec 27 '11 at 12:26

Yes, using Airfoil for Mac (also available for Windows) and the companion app Airfoil Speakers Touch you can stream any audio from your Mac to your iOS device.

I haven't tried it much myself, and reviews are mixed, but you can try it for free before shelling out the money for it.

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This solution worked, although for live applications, such as watching a movie on netflix, the audio was delayed enough to be annoying. Perhaps I'll delve deep into the Core Audio API and see if I can find a few tools there – theck01 Dec 27 '11 at 20:33

I didn't fancy paying for Airfoil - plus I'm a bit suspious of not being able to use all sources of audio on the mac.

Instead I'm making use of Airphones ( ) (if you're running lion, you'll need to follow this guys instructions to make it work in lion You have to buy an app in the app-store, but it's pretty cheap.

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I used Airfoil and was able to stream music from iTunes (on an iMac running OSX Mavericks 10.9.1) to my iDevices.

I admit the $25 price tag was not something I liked.

However it does work. You can play music from iTunes on a your laptop and simultaneously listen to the music on your iPhone remotely.

You can have the entire house playing the same music through various speakers: your laptop, your iphone and perhaps an imac or ipad.

For me, the price of the $25 is a little easier to swallow than buying a USD $94 Apple Airport Express plus Speakers to connect to the Airport Express.

What's more the Airport Express only has One Audio Jack Port so one speaker for one Airport Express.

Hope this helps.

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