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I have seen that there are many other model numbers of iPhone 4S's, but I have not seen any info about model number MC922ll/A

Is an iPhone 4S of this model unlocked or locked to a specific mobile carrier?

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If it's anything like it is here in the UK, it's the device's UID that determines whether it is locked - Apple have a massive database of the UID's along with references as to whether they are locked (this is why warrantee swap-outs always come out with the same lock).

Normally contacting the networks, if you're a customer in 'good standing' they'll let you unlock for 'international use' - which is exactly the same as unlocking the phone.

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I got a 4S MC922LL as replacement phone from A pple(my 4S was having issues).

I put my friend's T-Mobile sim and it is working.
I've tried it multiple times even after restarting the phone and it is still working with the T-Mobile Sim.

It seems to be unlocked.

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AT&T has a site to check and ask for device unlock:

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It appears from various sales websites that this model number is locked to AT&T. (Source)

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I have this iphone model # and it's actually one of the first iphone 4s that were sold by AT&T via their site/retail/warehouse. It can be unlocked via Appple or At&T themselves. I got it unlocked when my contract expired and moved to T-mobile ever since.

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