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I installed reFIT on my new MBP, and now, unfortunately, OSX can't get past the login screen. When I try logging in, it simply bounces me back to where I started, the login page.

Since I can't get in to OSX, I can't delete the /efi folder as recommended. Is there any way for me to fix this so I can at least get back into OSX to fix things?

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Did you try single user mode ? – iolsmit Dec 28 '11 at 0:14

If you disable journaling for the Macintosh partition (in order to access files from within Linux) this should work:

  1. hold upon boot
  2. select Recovery HD OR boot from Mac install DVD/USB
  3. open Disk Utility. Select Macintosh HD. Hold and click on File. Select Disable Journaling.
  4. boot from a Linux Live CD. Open root terminal.
  5. delete /Library/StartupItems/rEFItBlesser on the Mac partition
  6. delete /efi on the Mac partition

If journaling was already disabled on the Mac Partition, move to step 4.

enter image description here

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Start up in single-user mode and remove reFIT

  1. Shut down your Mac if it is on.
  2. Press the power button to start the computer.
  3. Immediately press and hold +S for single-user mode.
  4. At the prompt, type /sbin/fsck -fy
    • Press Enter or Return key to execute the command.
    • Text will start updating the progress...if there is damage, the final line will say FILE SYSTEM WAS MODIFIED .
    • If you see that message, REPEAT step 4 until that message no longer appears. Having to run fsck more than once is normal, because the first run's repairs may uncover additional problems. The end should read: "The volume appears to be OK."
  5. Mount your disk using mount -uw /
  6. Move or delete /Library/StartupItems/rEFItBlesser
  7. Move or delete /efi

Assembled from Mac OS X: How to start up in single-user or verbose mode, Booting in Single User Mode and Running fsck -fy and Matt's suggestion

Good luck.

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