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I just got quickpick from the app store, and of course I have it doing my basic call this person (tel://A), text this person(sms://B), but I would like to know, is there a URL scheme for SMS with multiple recipients? I've tried mms://A+B but it doesn't recognize mms:// as a command.

Any thoughts?

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If sms:// launches Messages (and it does), then you don't need an mms:// handler, because sms:// launches Messages but doesn't determine the message type. Simply tap the camera icon and choose the photo to send once Messages launches.

Protocol handlers like tel:// and sms:// are just glorified urls, like, and they were not designed with multiple resources in mind. Resources being domains, files, etc. Note that you cannot request two files from within a single URL.

Example: You cannot do something like:

I've attempted various delimiters for multiple recipients, such as %20, ,, |, +, and &, and none of them working. I would not be surprised if there is no way to specify multiple recipients via the sms:// protocol URI.

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Yeah, what I meant was just a SMS for multiple recipients. – user15290 Dec 20 '11 at 3:21

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