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I am using the Chrome browser and I know OS X has built-in voice synthesis that can speak to assist visually impaired users.

Can I use this feature to have the computer read contents of websites for me? Eg., I'd like to select a couple of paragraphs and have them read.

I know Safari has that built-in, but for one, there I don't know how to change the voice (e.g. I'd prefer a male voice), and secondly, I'd prefer to have it with Chrome.

Is it possible?

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OS X's built in screen reader, VoiceOver, works in Chrome.

To enable it, go to System Preferences-> Universal Access-> Seeing and toggle the VoiceOver: radio group to On. You will also be able to check the shortcut key for easily enabing/disabling VoiceOver.

I recommend you take some time and familiarize yourself with VoiceOver; it's very powerful but takes some getting used to.

Click the VoiceOver Utility button to configure VoiceOver. This lets you change, among many other options, the voice and speaking speed.

enter image description here

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Fortunately, someone (me) developed a Chrome extension that does exactly what you're looking for: Announcify

PS: Sorry for shamelessly advertising my own products.

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