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Is it possible to create a bulleted or numbered list in Mail on an iDevice? If so, please share how. I know it'll display them. Like if I create it in GMail on my MacBook, save a draft, then open it on the device, I see the bullets as intended, but I would like to actually create this same thing on my iPad/ iPhone.


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Until Apple offers the ability to add some basic controls (eg. bold, etc.) on the iPhone/iPad (without the keyboard) it's not possible without copying and pasting from a previous message.

You could create a draft with the different types of list to copy and paste and use that.

Of note: some third party apps can help with this: eg. MarkdownMail just released today by Second Gear Software ($1.99) or any other app that will allow you to create HTML.

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Yep that's what I've been doing. Thanks! – Thomas Aug 20 '10 at 20:21

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