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In colder weather wearing gloves is essential. Looks like iPhone 4 completely ignores touches of fingers in gloves. So I sometimes even see people controlling their iPhones by touching them with their noses.

What are the limitations of how iPhone can be controlled? How can it be used by a person wearing gloves?

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The screen is a capacitive touch device so it depends on a conductive item contacting it. A number of companies have produced gloves with appropriately conductive finger pads.

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Good answer but it would've been more helpful to add direct links to a couple of good vendors. (Oh, and if you want to make this even more attractive and earn plently of upvotes, include example pics.) – Jonik Oct 22 '10 at 19:22

I like these lambswool gloves by Dots. I imagine they use some sort of conductive thread woven in the fabric, and they're quite affordable at $15.50 to $20.

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You could be like the South Koreans and use sausages.

alt text

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+1 for making me laugh out loud – Josh Nov 27 '11 at 17:34

Another solution is to use special stylus like this:

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Here you'll find a list of 11 different gloves to use with your iPhone...

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You can buy conductive thread and then weave the thread into any pair gloves that you own. There's a really overview of what conductive thread is and more information of the different types here:, and there is instructions on how to do this along with a video demo here:

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