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I am running out of space on my iPhone and since iOS 5 I can see the worst offenders in Settings -> General -> Usage.
Some apps while being very small themselves have accumulated a lot of data. I want to keep the app itself on the phone but would like to get rid of the data.

Is there a way to delete the data/documents directly on the phone without deleting the app itself?
Or is re-installing the app the only possible way?

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If the application doesn't provide a way to delete documents, uninstalling and reinstalling the app is definitively the best option here.

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Document & Data on iPhone is including browser history, cookies, logs, caches of photos and videos, database files and more stored by your apps. You can't delete them directly unless the app in Settings, General, Usage has an Edit option like Safari. enter image description here

The only way to delete them without deleting the app itself is to use tools which can access your iPhone app directory. For example,CleanMyPhone, Copytrans, iExplorer and more.

The iExplorer tutorial:
First Step, Connect your iPhone to the computer.
Seconed Step, Click the Apps Button, and select which app's documents & data you want to delete. And then click the Documents directory, right click the files to delete.enter image description here

Note: If you are a new user, do not delete all files. The app may not work normally due to the loss of some important data. So you can just delete some caches of images and videos, logs and some junk files.

The CleanMyPhone tutorial:
Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your Mac computer.
Step 2: Run CleanMyPhone on your computer, select the App Cleaner tab and click the Scan button to scan your device.
enter image description here Step 3: After the scan is completed, click Remove to get rid of documents and data on your iPhone.

CleanMyPhone can remove cache files, junk files, documents& data and more.

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