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I have a client who want me to add PDF's to a DVD, so that people can view them through their televisions

Can it be done?

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I know this is dated link, but for what is worth...

DVD Studio Pro allows you to create a Data DVD alongside the video DVD.

Check your DVDSP Inspector for DVD Assets. This is a great way to include files and images, even presentations that you wish clients to open and view.

There is also DVD@ccess which allows you to embed URLs into buttons that will cause the DVD player to stop (on a computer) and launch your browser.

Just FYI

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this is what we did in the end. – Mild Fuzz Apr 1 '11 at 11:03

Sure. You need to convert the pages of the PDF into images and handle accordingly from there, much like a photo slide show. The primary concern I would have is whether the PDF is laid out so that it looks good on screen.

Acrobat (the full version, not Reader) can export all pages to a variety of formats. Acrobat costs good money, but Preview only exports the first page. Ghostscript via Terminal might have a free alternative, but the interface is the command line.

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My first try would be a simple drag-and-drop from Preview to DVD Studio Pro. – mouviciel Oct 21 '10 at 14:59
@mouviciel nice try, but the blessing hasn’t arrived there yet, and DVD is “so abandoned” by Apple that we might never see anything like that. – Martín Marconcini Oct 21 '10 at 17:51

I would use PDF to Keynote, and then just export from Keynote as a QuickTime movie.

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