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Is there a way on the iPhone that a certain subset of incoming emails (coming through Exchange) will ring a specific ringtone (a real one, not just a beep)?

In the Blackberry world, you would set an email filter that marks these emails as priority 1, and have a different ringtone for priority 1 messages. I'm hoping to accomplish the same thing with an iPhone.


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I don't believe there's a native way to do this, but you could set up server side rules (via Outlook Web Access, server side so they always process) to forward particular messages to a notification service, such as Boxcar (, then configure individual sounds using their iOS app.

Here's a page that shows how to setup forwarding rules in OWA (chosen randomly via Google):

One catch with this is that, as far as I can tell, the Rules functionality is only available in Internet Explorer, at least with Exchange 2007. I tried this in Chrome and Safari on my Mac at home and the option isn't available. I've heard non-IE browser support is better for Exchange 2010. If you don't have access to IE, Google a bit to see if you can find any tips for using IE 8 or 9 on OS X. I found one, but I'm not exactly sure of it's legitimacy, so I chose not to post a link.

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Awesome, thanks for the idea. I'm not worried about the IE thing - access to a Windows machine is not a problem. – Joe Enos Dec 13 '11 at 12:06

How about

Has anyone used this before?

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