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I'm using Sidestep to securely connect the Internet from everywhere I am. I have my own server as an SSH proxy.

But I'm facing trouble with Transmit which doesn't seem to use the proxy settings defined by Sitestep.

I know there are some options available in Transmit to configure a proxy server, but since I really don't know much about proxy, SOCKS and stuff. I didn't succeed.

From all my tests, Transmit always seems to use the direct connection without going through the proxy.

Any hints?



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Did you ask the folks at Panic? They're usually pretty good about helping out with stuff like this. – Richard Dec 12 '11 at 11:21
Yep did it, a few days ago. I pretty sure they will answser. But I'm in a hurry, so any fast anwser is much appreciated. – jchatard Dec 12 '11 at 11:29
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So here it is:

In Transmit define

  • Proxy Type: SOCK 5
  • Proxy Host:
  • Proxy Port: 9050
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