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I've got Logitech G9x mouse. Gaming mouse. Great mouse. Logitech doesn't support it under MacOS X. Mouse works perfectly (as far as I can see ) with standard Mac OS driver. (ie right/left/middle buttons and scroll works. What doesn't work are thumb buttons. I've got used to them to go back/forward while browsing, etc.

Couple options I've tried, none helped.

  1. Logitech Control Center (LCC v.3.5.1-28) - did not recognize mouse. Expected.
  2. USB Overdrive - no support for OS X Lion with repots on kernel crashes from users of OS X Lion. didn't try, as it's not stable solution.
  3. Steer Mouse didn't recognize G9x on Mac. But did recognize couple other mices I had (ie mx revolution, vx revolution)

Option left: Write own driver. How?

Did I miss anything? Any other drivers out there, I didn't find? (I found a lot of enhancers for magic mouse, or whatever it's called)

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Use Better touch tool. Freeware. You can assign macros to any button with this wonderful tool.

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Thanks. I've started using it shortly after I opened this topic. – sashk Feb 3 '12 at 17:22
Thank you very much, works like a charm! – Michael Renner Jun 13 '12 at 18:32

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