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I have an iMac27 run Lion, now I buy a cinema display 27, but at display setting only main screen have brightness adjust controller. And use keyboard to adjust screen brightness also only change main screen.

can not find how to control cinema display brightness

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It's way simpler than that guys. The brightness on the display is controlled by simply pressing:

Control+F1 OR Control+F2 to adjust brightness on your secondary screen.

F1 and F2 to adjust brighness on your main screen.

If you have adjusted settings in System Preferences for the Function Keys to behave as standard Function keys, you will need to hold the Fn key in addition to each combination too.

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If it doesn't work, try plugging in the display's USB cable. – Michael Closson Apr 28 at 23:36
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I search and search, finally find this article .

Gilletty said that:

I was having the same issue on my MacBook Pro. Here is what I did to resolve it:

  1. Ensure lid of laptop is open
  2. Plug in power, mini-display, AND USB from the Cinema Display into MBP
  3. Restart computer (*this was the key step for me)
  4. When computer comes back up, launch System Preferences > Displays and you should now see the brightness option that was once hidden!

So I plug cinema display usb to iMac27, and reopen display setting, now cinema display has it own brightness controller.

lik this: enter image description here

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The USB cable made all the difference. No reboot required these days. – motto Jul 17 '14 at 15:37

I use Shades. This will solve your problem. I just hope it runs on Lion too.

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I already try it, but seems it can turn cinema display as bright as my iMac27. – Tinyfool Dec 10 '11 at 9:25

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